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New Book Release - Coaching: Intentionally Simple!

Updated: Jun 26

We are delighted (with a touch of giddiness) to announce the release of Coaching: Intentionally Simple! This book is built on 30+ years of insights gained from coaching individuals and companies in pursuit of their unique purposes.


Coaching: Intentionally Simple emphasizes the truth that the skills of coaching can be straightforward and accessible to everyone.  With the right motivation and tools, anyone can harness the power of coaching for the benefit of others.  Whether you are a professional coach, consultant, manager, parent, teacher, or someone passionate about personal development, this book offers valuable insights, tools, and practical examples to enhance your coaching abilities.


Inside, you'll find tools that have proven invaluable in both professional and personal contexts, making a significant impact on many lives (including my children's! 😊).


100% of the proceeds from this book will support Intentional Legacy, our nonprofit organization dedicated to helping more people discover and pursue their unique purpose.


Thank you for your support, and we hope Coaching: Intentionally Simple inspires and equips you on your coaching journey!

Order your copy for $20 by emailing us, or from Amazon below.

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