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Frustration Furnace

When we experience trying situations we generally face significant amounts of frustration. The frustrations can range from minuscule irritations to overwhelming hopelessness. Irritation mounts and if not dealt with in a healthy way, out comes an eruption of yuck! Emotional vomit. Graphic words, but if you have been at the receiving end of that explosion the descriptors are understated. Yelling in anger is contemptuous. It is terrifying. It is destructive. It is unerasable.

Sadly, I was the volcano yesterday. To my daughters and business partners. Sickening. I have repented to YAHWEH and to them. I have been forgiven and yet my heart is broken.

I was wrong to blow up.

I am wrong to mistrust YAHWEH.

Jeremiah 15:19 from the AMP pierces my heart -

Therefore thus says YAHWEH ‘If you repent [and give up this mistaken attitude of despair and self-pity], then I will restore you [to a state of inner peace] so that you may stand before Me [as My obedient representative]; And if you separate the precious from the worthless [examining yourself and cleansing your heart from unwarranted doubt concerning My faithfulness], You will become My spokesman. Let the people turn to you [and learn to value My values]— But you, you must not turn to them.

How do I move forward following an eruption of the frustration furnace?


  • Before YAHWEH and the individuals who were burned by the explosion

  • Go through the godly grief - own the wounds of my words

Truth extinguishes the fire of frustrations

  • Humbly ask YAHWEH for wisdom about what is fueling the frustration

  • Take each situation and identify:

(1) What is outside of my control - let those areas go in surrender

(2) What areas can I impact - make a plan and take action


  • Talk to those impacted about what is going on - honestly sharing! This conversation is not a justification of sin or minimization of the pain caused!!!!! Can’t stress this enough!

  • There may be things that others contributed to the furnace - but it is not for me to blame them for my response!! Speaking truth in love helps others see their potential contributions - but once again, my response is not their issue.

Keep moving forward

  • Know that trust has been broken and it is my fault

  • Know that I am forgiven by YAHWEH & them

  • Be aware of when frustrations are building - extinguish the flames with truth and action before an eruption occurs.

  • Remember the “frustration furnace” requires fuel - a fire unfed goes out.

Walk in humility, compassion and truth and may the furnace never explode again!

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