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Helping people pursue their unique purpose through intentional giving projects

It is better to give than to receive!


Partnering with those pursuing their intentional legacy is an honor, and donating to Intentional Legacy allows you to be a part of helping others! You can donate to a specific project, or make a general donation.


As often as possible we do anonymous giving. It is an indescribable joy to know people are being encouraged, supported, and cared for - even if they have no idea who is behind the blessing!

Intentional Legacy is a federally recognized 501c3 nonprofit.  All donations are 100% tax deductibleSee below for the four methods of payment to choose from: Check, ZelleVenmoor PayPal

Intentional Legacy is also now able to accept gifts of stock and other investment transfers! Find out how it works here.

Please mark your donation with the name of the project you want your funds directed to. 

If you would like your donation to remain anonymous, please indicate so when you make your donation.

Lia Petty.jpg

Lia Petty - Impact360 

Hello Everyone!


Last fall, the question of “What’s next for you?” started coming more frequently. Thankfully, as a graduating high school senior, I finally have an answer, but am hoping to gather community support to make this opportunity a reality.


I will be attending the Fellows Program at Impact 360 Institute which is a nine-month residential discipleship and leadership program designed to deepen a student’s faith through “experiential learning, dynamic teaching, vibrant community, domestic and international travel, and servant leadership training.”


One aspect of this program is an international mission trip to either Brazil or South Africa. That’s where I could really use your support! We will serve with local Christian missionaries as well as learn about the culture and how the church there is uniquely serving God’s kingdom. 


I want to focus in on what’s most important this year: learning how to live, learn, and serve God boldly in every aspect of my life. 


Thank you so much for your support!

Lia Petty 

All funds marked for "Lia Petty - Impact360" will be donated directly to this project.


Corinna's Stars & Stripes Award

Dear Friends,


I have been a part of American Heritage Girls since Kindergarten and I am now working on my final project to complete my journey in American Heritage Girls, the Stars & Stripes Award. I will be building a 36x24x36 inch pantry that will hold food and other necessary items. This will help people in need that are right inside our community. I believe as Christ-followers we are called to love our neighbors, which are the people around us. I also find it so sad that anyone in our community is hungry or lacking in any needs, as we are called to give to the needy. My project is based off of Matthew 22:39, which says, "love your neighbor as yourself." This neighborhood food pantry is going to fulfill that and is also going to be a gift that can be given to other neighborhoods or communities through a building manual, so they too can love their neighbors. I also have a big heart for kids and would love to pursue that in my career. Because of that I am dedicating a shelf to children so that they can always feel loved, seen, and cared about. Overall, I believe that this project can help so many families in need that one might not suspect are in need, and through this project, the Name of the Lord will be evident and will be praised. I would love it if you could help me! I will be raising approximately $425 to cover the cost of this project. Any extra amount of money will go directly to Intentional Legacy and will be used to help others in need! Any amount of money will help! Once my Stars & Stripes project is completed, I would love to follow up with you with photos and stories of what your donation has contributed to in our community.


Thank you so much for your donations!


Corinna Coe

All funds marked for "Corinna's Stars & Stripes Award" will be donated directly to this project. 

Fruits and Vegetables

Health 4 Yah's Glory 

Intentional Legacy has the privilege of supporting a dear friend as she pursues her passion to learn and teach others about holistic health & nutrition for God’s glory.  In her words…


I study God’s Word.  I also study nutrition – at the macro and micro levels.  Hosea 4:6 states, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  Massive amounts of information are freely available, sometimes bombarding, and not always true or accurate.  My desire is to show scientific discoveries in the light of God’s Word.  That is where we find the truth!  The truth about His creation and our body’s design.  Standing on years of research, I want to impart that knowledge so others can learn how to honor His design in our bodies. 


We are all here in our little corner of the world, at such a time as this, for a purpose.  When our health is attacked, it is harder to concentrate on His plan for our lives.  Imagine the impact of living spiritually, mentally and physically aligned with the specific design that God created!  Your donations help me to continue to share the knowledge God has so graciously allowed me to acquire. 

All funds marked for "Health 4 Yah's Glory" will be donated directly to this program. 

Lia Petty.jpg

High School Student - Fresh Start

A young man from Cherokee County is on the other side of life controlling drug addiction.  His family is sacrificing greatly to have him in a program which pours into him with excellent academics and values through hands on learning experiences.  The program is designed to help him (and other high school students) heal as well as sharpening his character and leadership skills.  There is specific work - service to others are education requirements to help equip him to continue on his new path.  We are keeping his identity private.  This young man has experienced things most do not have to face.  We would love to support him and his family. 


All funds marked for "High School Student - Fresh Start" will be donated directly to the program. 


The Duet Project

The Duet Project ( is focused on providing music therapy to those in the special needs community. Even though the benefits have been measured, insurance often does not cover the cost of this resource. Their heart is that others come alongside these families and just like in a duet, join in the song of caring for others in the community to create a beautiful harmony! 

Venmo & check are the best way to give to ensure 100% is given to the project. PayPal is also available but requires a fee. All donations are tax deductible!

All funds marked for "Duet Project" will be donated directly to the program. 

WCBN Profile Picture.png

Woodstock Christian Business Network (WCBN)

Donate to the Woodstock Christian Business Network (WCBN) general fund so that they can be known by their love.

Find out more about WCBN at 


All funds marked for "Woodstock Christian Business Network" or "WCBN" will be given directly to the program.  

2022 Impact.png

Random Acts of Kindness

Coming alongside individuals and families – often in a crisis of medical, loss or need – to anonymously help them take the next step.  Driven often by family and friends who are close to the situation but want to stay anonymous.  This is also done for complete strangers to simply spread goodwill.  It is an incredible adventure!!


All funds marked for "Random Acts of Kindness" or "RAK" will be given directly to the program.  

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