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Young Entrepreneurs

We are proud to come alongside

people pursuing their unique purpose. Young doesn't always describe age :)

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Eagle Eye Pressure Washing

Serving Cherokee County by pressure washing decks, driveways, and sidewalks. 

Call Jayben at (470) 422-0183 to get a FREE estimate and to book. 

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"Follow Closely" Children's Devotional

Follow Closely" is a children's devotional written for families that love Jesus and want to obey His Word. Along this journey, a Disciple Toolbox is packed with tools that both equip and enrich the life of a follower of Christ. Sharon Tuinder considers it a gift and a sacred privilege to accompany families that desire to walk out their faith. "Together, we will be continually filled and fulfill the Great Commission." 

Click the link below to order your copy! 

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