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Coaching Options

Helping adults and students discover their unique purpose and make intentional, data-informed decisions about their education or career.

What if there wasn’t a cookie-cutter approach that everyone is “expected to follow”? Everyone is uniquely created with an intentional design.


We are passionate about helping students and adults make educational and career decisions based on their own specific wiring.  Through conversations and assessments, data is gathered to make informed decisions regarding jobs or internships, educational possibilities and career choices.


We offer a variety of assessments and plans to choose from to suit each individual, including one time or ongoing. Whether you need a one time kickstart to get going, or you want more coaching with ongoing accountability, we are here for you. 

Each of the options below include a debrief meeting with one of our coaches. Options may be chosen individually or may be combined. Request a free 20 consultation by submitting a form below to determine what is best for you!

Option 1

  • Identify core values and methodologies on how to utilize your values for decision making in all areas of life. 

Standalone: $100 | Combined: $75

Option 2

  • Identify specific activities one enjoys without being limited to career fields. 

Standalone: $100 | Combined: $75

Option 3

  • Identify motivators

  • Ages 14-104


Option 4

  • Identifies personality factors, interests, skills and values

  • Identifies potential careers and ideal environments


Option 5

  • Anonymous 360 feedback survey from those around you identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement


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