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Making the Invisible Visible

Invisible does not mean unknown. Invisible means imperceptible to the eye or sight. We see the symptoms or impact of the invisible. Wind is invisible but the effects of wind are clearly observable.

This whole concept of “invisible” started whirling around in my brain when talking with an organization committed to helping those in the special needs community. One of their areas of focus are people on the high-functioning side of the autism spectrum. The founder said that her son’s disability is invisible to most people, until something outside of his understanding is encountered. He may say or do something that is not appropriate for the situation. After an observable event, people become aware of the invisible disability. But, then what?

Next a conversation with a student who was struggling with long-term difficult family situations. His biggest pain point was the fact that everyone around him thought his family was perfect. The fake was worse than the reality. His pain was invisible to those around him. People become aware of his pain when his grades drop or his personality changes. But, then what?

There are many invisible disabilities - including autism, PTSD, clinical depression, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, learning disabilities, insomnia, chronic pain, etc. The causes of invisible pain is also extensive including, undisclosed abuse, hunger, loneliness, shame, rejection, fear, loss, grief, financial pressure, etc.

Invisible disabilities, invisible pain. What if these don't have to be invisible?

What if we searched them out as hidden treasure to come alongside and help?

What if we sacrifice our time, convenience, comfort and resources to authentically learn, serve, give, advocate for those closest to us?

This does not mean we should try to solve all the problems of all the people - that is arrogant. We are simply not capable. Only YAHWEH is able to do that and in HIS time HE will make all things beautiful. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

The challenge is focusing on the people we know and interact with on a regular basis. We must sacrifice breadth to achieve depth. If YESHUA had a dedicated circle of 12 disciples with an inner circle of 3 - what makes me think I can have a circle of 983 friends that I am investing in and advising and helping and understanding… I can’t.

Ask YAHWEH to give you insight into the invisible around you. As HE directs, take action. What you learn will astound you, transform your thinking and increase your compassion and gratitude. You will be able to see invisible and make a visible difference!!

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