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In the Waiting - Prepare. Serve. Give.

Many seasons of our lives are “waiting seasons”. Waiting until school is finished, waiting for a test result or an acceptance letter, waiting for a spouse, waiting for a child, waiting for the right job to be available, waiting for the people who have hurt us to repent, waiting on YAHWEH’s promises and on and on the list goes.

If you are waiting right now, there are some tangible, intentional ways to use the time.

Utilize the time to prepare your fields for rain. In the movie, Facing the Giants, a wiser older gentleman was encouraging a coach who was struggling. He presented a scenario regarding two farmers who were praying for much needed rain, He said that one farmer went and actively prepared his fields for the rain and the other did not. He finished with two poignant questions; Which farmer believed that YAHWEH would send the rain? Which one are you? The concept of “preparing my fields for rain” has been both a challenge and a blessing. In seeking YAHWEH’s will for each day, I can see where HE is asking me to prepare my fields for rain. It compels me to obey step by step and it gives purpose to the waiting. Yes, I sometimes struggle with impatience, frustration and even anger towards YAHWEH’s timing and plan, but when I focus on truth, it always comes back to the fact that HE is YAHWEH and I am not. HE is perfect. I am not. HE is sovereign. I am not.

What can we do in preparation for HIS answer - no matter what it is? Are there things that need to be cleaned, repaired, organized? Are there people who need to be contacted, sought out for wisdom, trained or updated? Is there prayer that needs to happen? Are there systems that need to be created or made more efficient? Is there information that needs to be gathered, corrected or researched? Each day set apart time to prepare your fields for rain.

The waiting season oftentimes gives us opportunity to serve others whether they too are waiting or they have received their “answer”. How would you like to be served when you are finished with your current waiting season? Go and do likewise. If the waiting ended tomorrow - who and where would you have liked to serve? Encourage others. Help others. This is not a season to be self-absorbed. In fact, there is no season where being self-absorbed is beneficial for anyone!

Giving is an active way to communicate both gratitude and trust. When we are truly thankful for what we have it is a joy to give to others. Be creative. Giving is oftentimes not monetary. It is giving of yourself, your talents, your time and yes, sometimes our finances. Giving is never ever ever a tool of manipulation. Giving is not to win YAHWEH or other people’s favor. Giving shows that we trust that YAHWEH will continue to supply all of our needs. HE is trustworthy. Our giving reflects our view of YAHWEH’S provision for us.

While we are waiting on YAHWEH, it is good (and often convicting) to ask ourselves, “who is waiting on me?”

Waiting is active. It is expectant. It is purposeful. It is patient. (ouch!)

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