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Earn the Right to be Grey!

Until recently, the color grey was unappealing to me. I had chosen to see grey as gloomy, boring, ordinary, dismal, cheerless, a reminder of overcast skies. Neither black or white. Undecided. Dreary. Uncommitted. Mundane. Ho-hum.

But then, YAHWEH shone the light of perspective on the color grey and my understanding changed and my response brightened.

HE reminded me of Mount Rushmore, Stonehenge, cathedrals, castles, monuments, cliffs, stones, etc., that have stood the test of time. They reveal the true beauty of the color of grey. Grey is strong, bold, enduring. Those overcast skies produce both life-giving rain and intricate, creative, exquisite snowflakes. Grey is refreshing and beautiful.

What if my perspective of the color grey is simply a reflection of my heart? Yes, grey can be ordinary, gloomy, threatening. Especially where the choice is opaque vision dismissing the possibility of depth and transparency. I may see grey skies when hoping to see a sunrise and surmise that there was no sunrise. There is always a sunrise. Every day. YAHWEH has never missed a day. Even though I may not see it, it does not change the fact that HE is faithful.

The grey seasons of life may be a test of faith to believe the unseen. Or maybe HIS protection from the potential of harmful influences. Or a warning to prepare for a storm. Or an invitation to rest. Or a time of equipping without the glare of a spotlight or the pressure of a deadline. Or proof of endurance. Or a preparation for refreshing. Or the wrapping paper on a beautiful gift.

Proverbs 14:10 states, “The heart knows its own bitterness, and a stranger does not share its joy.” Each of us walk through situations with different depths of grey. The colors of pure grey available on a HDMI screen exceeds 65,500, how much more in our hearts. Our personal journey of faith, past experiences and unique personality adds individual intensity to our greys.

Shining the light of truth on grey seasons can transform them into times of intentionally:

  • Trusting in HIS faithfulness

  • Growing in faith

  • Thanking HIM for HIS protection

  • Preparing

  • Resting

  • Equipping/training

  • Encouragement of endurance

  • Anticipating HIS gifts of refreshing

Just like grey hair is praised in Scripture so are the grey seasons of trials. Beauty and strength are revealed in the grey. Let grey be a reminder and encouragement to persevere until the end. Earn the right to be grey!

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