Elizabeth and her team at Intentional Legacy have been one of the best investments I've made in my personal/professional growth. I continue to be amazed at the work that's been completed and the value I received from such. I engaged in their program nearly a year ago and continue to lean on those confirming traits today. Their proven methodology and authentic connection with their clients are phenomenal. If there is ever a time in your career where you are feeling a bit lost and/or want to try something different, leverage their career/life coaching program - I could not recommend Elizabeth and Intentional Legacy enough!

- Nick C.

Elizabeth is a one of a kind person when it comes to sales, marketing, training and creative ideas for business. Her unique ability to look at circumstances with a completely new set of eyes and identify opportunities for improvement is amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend Elizabeth to any business.

- Dwayne S.

In a time when I was unsure about my career decisions and long term perspective, Elizabeth was able to utilize her amazing people skills and tools to help me identify my true interests, likes and dis-likes. In turn confirming that I was working in my area of passion and that it was merely a bump in the road of my career that I was struggling with.


Elizabeth has tremendous patience, an ability to find the 'language' that helps you to determine your career passions and directions. I've also had the privilege of seeing the results of her working with management and work teams resulting in a more cohesive work environment.


Without pause, I would recommend Elizabeth to assist you or your team.

- Stacey B. 

Elizabeth is a great resource for organizational design and employee development. She operates with a great amount of integrity and trust. I leveraged Elizabeth with my high performing employees to coach them on their personal career development. I could always count on her to elevate their game even higher. She helped identify areas where I needed to engage with the team even more and we were able to perform at improved levels.

- Reba W.

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Elizabeth at McKesson. She is both an energetic facilitator and a patient coach. Elizabeth has a way of cutting through the noise and helping teams and individuals find positive change. Her guidance and insight have given me new perspectives for understanding and solving challenges. I would highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone looking to discover their talents and inspire their teams.

- Ron S.

We are indebted to you. While we can take credit for recognizing that we needed help, we certainly could not have envisioned the extent to which you would really come to our assistance. You were able to take a bright, energetic, committed, vocal and passionate group and wield them into one voice about what we needed to do and how we needed to do it. Thanks so much for bringing your patience along with your extensive skills into our world to make it a better place.

- Ric

Elizabeth is the person you want to help your organization as she was one of the most effective and memorable career coaches, organization consultant and all around personal and team motivator. I had the experience of working with Elizabeth at McKesson for several years and over those years she was extremely effective in assisting individuals find their passion and helped teams become more effective.


One of the cornerstones of Elizabeth’s success is how she uniquely balanced her passion and patience with objectives and direction. Elizabeth possesses incredible and inspirational strategic thinking skills, and backs them up with fresh quantifiable approaches and data, beyond the glossy PowerPoint slide. This is where the inspiration kicks in. As an individual working with Elizabeth, she set a vision for what was inspirational, yet possible, and took the time to ensure the people she worked with developed and nurtured capabilities to achieve their goal.

- Lisa S.

Elizabeth Pease is not only a great entrepreneur but also an inspiring person. Her hands-on strategy to coaching, organizational effectiveness and her creative vision always has a strong positive impact on the people she is working with.


Elizabeth will find a way to weather any storm with a smile. She is an asset to any company or individual looking for growth, guidance or just a way out of the status quo. She can see things in organizations that will help any group be more effective and efficient and more importantly help each individual reach their potential.

- Adrianna H.

It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Ms. Pease on McKesson’s Distinguished Technologist Program and because of her exceptional work, wonderful ideas and tireless determination, I am pleased to give her my highest recommendation!


Over the course of several months I found myself impressed by Elizabeth on many levels, not the least of which is her outstanding and enthusiastic personality and attitude. Elizabeth is a smart, sophisticated thinker who comes up with some of the most innovative ideas which I can report we have been the beneficiary of.


My hat is off to Elizabeth and I thank her for helping to drive positive change and transformation – Ms. Pease is the REAL DEAL!

- Marc B.