Intentional Giving

Why We Do What We Do

It has been said, "It is better to give than to receive." And we concur!


With Intentional Legacy as a non-profit, it provides an avenue for people to give to various projects. Our policy for giving projects is 100% in and 100% out. As often as possible we do anonymous giving. Which limits our ability to share our adventures in giving with everyone. However, it is an indescribable joy to know that people are being encouraged, supported, and cared for and most of the time they have no idea who is behind the blessing!


The organization funds itself through the services offered and the products sold. 

Current Projects

The Duet Project

Partnering with those pursuing their intentional legacy is an honor. The Duet Project ( is focused on providing music therapy to those in the special needs community. Even though the benefits have been measured, insurance often does not cover the cost of this resource. Their heart is that others come alongside these families and just like in a duet, join in the song of caring for others in the community to create a beautiful harmony! 

Venmo & check are the best way to give to ensure 100% is given to the project. PayPal is also available but requires a fee. All donations are tax deductible!

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Previous Projects

Surprise Blessing 

In December, Intentional Legacy focused on raising funds to help a family buy a reliable car. (It was a surprise!!)


This family tirelessly serves the community, cares for special needs child, works extremely hard and always has an encouraging word for others. 

We were blown away by all the community support. 

Thank you to all who donated! 





A friend of Intentional Legacy received a diagnosis recently that impacts every area of their lives.  We have chosen to be intentional for Deanna Sellers.  Many others chose, and are continuing to choose, to be intentional #forDeannaSellers as well.  All proceeds from our store from May to September 1, 2021 went towards her medical costs.  We can't help everyone - but we could do our part in loving her.  She has been kind and generous to Intentional Legacy and to many, many, many others in the past.  She serves, she loves and she gives.


Thank you to all who purchased items from the store, donated, made meals, and shared our posts. And a huge thank you to all who are continuing to pray for Deanna and her family. 


Book Fund

Intentional Legacy raised money to help a high school teacher buy books for his classroom. This school, located in a very rural part of the Delta of Mississippi, had only one book per classroom and the teacher had to make copies for each student. The desire was for each student to have their own books. In addition, these books will be used in the classroom for future years!!


Baby Raven

We raised support spiritually and financially for the Raines and Estes family as baby Raven underwent multiple open heart surgeries.

Lussna's Intentional Legacy

These beautiful cards made by Lussna were for sale in our store. She began making these cards while living in Zambia. She has moved to multiple countries in her life and recently relocated to Germany. Lussna loves to create with the purpose of giving to others. These cards are made with chitenge fabric from the Zambian culture and shweshwe fabric from the South African Culture.


Jordan in Haiti

Intentional Legacy helped support Jordan as she lived out her intentional legacy serving the Tucker Family in Granvide, Haiti.


Elizabeth in Zambia

Intentional Legacy helped support Elizabeth as she lived out her Intentional Legacy in Zambia!

Private Adoption

Intentional Legacy raised funds to support a local private adoption.