Meet The Team

We are a family run business, honored to be able to work together for the glory of Yahweh.

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Elizabeth Pease

Creativity, inspiration and humor are some of my motivators and I am blessed to be able to incorporate all of these in my role.  Many years ago (ok, decades), the concept of Intentional Legacy was put on my heart - to help people discover and live out what they were created to do.  


30 years of experience focused on the “people” side of business through organizational design and effectiveness, executive and career coaching and development of many people programs has reinforced my belief that people are unique!  I also learned intentionally starting your career based on how you are wired makes a significant difference in every aspect of life.


It is a joy to see people realize their unique design and how they can intentionally use their design to positively impact the world around them.  This concept also applies to businesses and organizations.  When leaders truly understand that every business is about people (employees, customers, vendors, etc.), and they choose to put the right people in the right role at the right time for the right reason, it is incredible!  It is like the 2004 Red Sox team...can you just hear the cheering?!?


Utilizing the experience and expertise gained working for large corporations, small businesses and start-ups, I officially (aka legally) founded Intentional Legacy in 2013 as a 501c3 (which is a fun way to say “nonprofit).  I love being able to do what I do; for and with people I admire and all for the glory of YAHWEH!

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Jordan Pease

I am honored Yahweh has asked me to be a part of Intentional Legacy.  


I had the privilege of living and serving in Haiti for three years.  During that time, I learned and grew as I lived out what we call our “intentional fingerprint”.  I was able to experience tremendous joy in Haiti because I was doing what Yahweh created me to do; encouraging others while being surrounded by people almost every second of the day.  It was an added blessing to be on an island, in the middle of the Caribbean, with stunning views of the ocean, sunsets and the stars. 


Now, working for Intentional Legacy I have the opportunity to encourage others so they can experience that same joy!  (Of course without the whole Caribbean island experience.)


My role at Intentional Legacy continues to capitalize on how I am uniquely wired.  As a detail and process person, my responsibilities include office management and the administration side of Intentional Legacy. 


If you have any questions, I am delighted to help - I love people!

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Katie Joy Pease

I love meeting  new people and networking with them, which fits perfectly with my responsibilities at Intentional Legacy.  


As a child my career goals were diverse (and quite ambitious); Brittany Spears’ backup singer (I was 8), soccer player for the Atlanta Beat, zookeeper, veterinarian, CIA secret agent (I was not 8) and finally a nurse.  I understand firsthand how critical it is to know how you are designed before selecting a career path.  


As a senior in high school, I was applying to colleges as a nursing major. I love caring for people, so naturally assumed nursing was the correct path. I did a career assessment and coaching through Intentional Legacy and realized that even though I love people, nursing was NOT God’s plan for my life.  Why not?  Too much structure, following established procedures, making decisions under pressure are not areas in which I thrive.  So, patients everywhere, you are welcome.  


I have had many opportunities to serve others including tutoring students in less than ideal environments, teaching english as a second language, and working at a high adventure camp and recruiting.  In each of these positions, God has continued to grow in me a passion for helping people overcome internal and external obstacles in achieving their God-given potential.  


Through Intentional Legacy I get to help people discover and live out their own intentional legacy in the way that God has uniquely created them.

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