Intentional Organization

Organizational Design & Effectiveness

In order for any organization – company, ministry, team, school, family – to thrive it must have the right parts, in the right places, at the right time, each doing what they were designed to do. 


If a car has a flat tire, it impacts the purpose of the car.  If the center on the football team doesn’t block the defensive lineman, the quarterback feels the pain and it impacts the progress of the team.  If the leader of an organization has a great vision, but the team doesn’t do the work with excellence it impacts the success of the organization.

Intentional Organization© looks at the individuals, the purpose/vision of the group and provides insight as to how to move people around to be in the right place, hire the right people based on competencies and motivations and create reward/recognition programs to encourage retention and growth. 


Organizational effectiveness is achieved by intentional organizational design.


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"We are indebted to you. While we can take credit for recognizing that we needed help, we certainly could not have envisioned the extent to which you would really come to our assistance. You were able to take a bright, energetic, committed, vocal and passionate group and wield them into one voice about what we needed to do and how we needed to do it. Thanks so much for bringing your patience along with your extensive skills into our world to make it a better place."

— Ric, McKesson