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Intentional Fingerprint

Career & Life Coaching

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Providing data to make intentional decisions regarding jobs or internships, educational avenues and career choices.

For Students

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Reviewing skills, interests, experience, career options and possible paths to pursue to leave an intentional legacy.

For Adults

Helping individuals discover, understand and pursue their unique design.

Intentional Fingerprint - Students


We believe that each person is created with an intentional fingerprint.   We also believe that we are each designed to leave our fingerprint on the world around us.

Imagine if each student was given tools and opportunities to both discover and begin to pursue their intentional legacy – before they graduated from high school.  What if students made college and career decisions based on their own specific wiring?  What if there wasn’t a cookie-cutter approach that everyone is “expected” to follow?  What if there is a purpose for the intentional fingerprint of each student?  What if they started today?

Intentional Fingerprint – Students© offers several different assessment tools and application strategies to help students have a deeper understanding of their own “how and why” approach to life.  Depending on the length and depth of engagement – many avenues can be pursued for both the student and those around him/her to provide input and research ideas.  Intentional Fingerprint is not a passive exercise!  It requires getting involved, being authentic and seeking wisdom from others.

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Intentional Fingerprint - Adults


We believe that each person is created with an intentional fingerprint.  We also believe that we are each designed to leave our fingerprint on the world around us.

At different seasons of life, it is important to assess our skills, interests, experiences, career or civic opportunities and possible changes to pursue to leave an intentional legacy.  Changes in companies, life situations, time requirements, etc. all present a great opportunity to assess our “intentional fingerprint” and make adjustments, if necessary. Imagine if each day you woke up knowing what you were pursuing and how you were uniquely designed to go after your purpose. 

Intentional Fingerprint© - Adults offers different assessment tools and application strategies to help individuals understand their interests, abilities, motivators and circumstances.  The length and depth of the engagement will determine what assessments, coaching and options can be pursued.  This is not a passive or one-sided process.  It requires authenticity, willingness to receive feedback, humility in asking for wisdom from others and commitment to take action.

The results of your Intentional Fingerprint© will provide insight to your specific design, a data-driven tool for making decisions and action steps.  It may confirm that you are exactly where you are suppose to be, or it may challenge you to make significant changes in your life.

We have been through this process ourselves and we know the incredible relief – even in the tough decisions – when we begin to pursue our intentional legacies.

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Legacy (n)

impact, reputation

Virtual Consultation


  • 30 minute virtual conversation

  • Recommendations​


  • Benefit from experience/expertise of decades of career coaching

  • Recommendations of specific resources based on need

  • Suggestions for next steps

Option 1


  • Flag Page Assessment 

  • Individual – 30 minute debrief sessions​


  • Excellent foundation to build upon

  • Economical

  • Feedback would be individual

  • Fee is tax deductible

Option 2


  • Career Direct Assessment

  • Flag Page Assessment

  • Individual debrief sessions


  • In-depth analysis

  • Provides an additional data point for comparison

  • Extremely helpful in educational and career decisions

  • Fee is tax deductible

Option 3


  • Flag Page Assessment, Career Direct Assessment and

  • Custom 360 Mirror© - Anonymous feedback (sources depend on if student or adult)

    • Parents

    • Teachers

    • Mentors / Coaches

    • Family

    • Managers

    • Peers

  • Manage entire process

    • Custom 360° tool

    • Point person for all respondents

    • Analysis of all data

    • Develop feedback tools

  • Fee is tax deductible​

Customized Groups

Example of a group project recently completed

  • 100 students

  • Flag Page assessment for each student

  • Introduction session to process and purpose with all students

  • Separate debrief sessions by grade (Your group could be divided by department, team, availability, etc.)

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